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Enhancing Patient Contact Services: A Comprehensive Approach

Embracing a multichannel approach which allows healthcare organizations to meet patients where they are most comfortable. Efficient appointment scheduling and management are essential for optimizing patient flow and resource utilization.

Enhanced Patient Experience Through Patient Contact Centers

Today’s patients have more educational resources available to them than ever before. Consequently, informed patients have more questions and concerns about their care, insurance, and bills. With ArzionRCM, the patient never feels rushed and all of his or her questions are answered thoroughly. The Patient Engagement staff provide a high level of transparency and availability which gives patients clear expectations, and attentive care—raising overall patient satisfaction and retention rates. Customer satisfaction multiples when patients can easily pay premiums, make claims, and get accurate answers. Even more importantly, customers are willing to pay higher prices for healthcare services when they receive these value-added experiences.
Whether the customer are looking to outsource their entire patient contact department or considering reinforcing your internal team, ArzionRCM can tailor a practical strategy to meet your medical practice, hospital, or surgery center needs.


Notify patients on no coverage or out of network payers or plans which could result in Self-pay prior to service.

Share information on patient’s Co-pay, co-insurance rate, and remaining deductible and reduce bad debts.


Courtesy follow up on all the patient balances, answer queries, payment plan arrangements and guidance until payment process.

Skilled Customer support billers to answer all patient calls related to billing, scheduling, statements, and other queries.